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A message from Human Resources

Welcome to the Cornell University site that helps you manage the group life insurance coverage you have available through Cigna. You can access detailed plan information and enroll in programs to fill financial gaps in your personal planning and maintain current beneficiary records. Please note: While beneficiaries designated prior to 06/01/2013 are not reflected on this site, copies of paper designations made prior to 06/01/2013 are kept on file at Cigna. We encourage you to update your beneficiaries today. If you submit your beneficiary designation via a paper form to Cigna, they will enter it into the Cigna Trusted Advisor website so you can view it online through My Account.

In addition: In order to seamlessly access online enrollment, you must be connecting to this website through Workday.

Let us know your comments on this site and the products you see represented here. We value your feedback as we consider improvements. You can reach me at

Maureen Brull, Sr. Consultant, Education and Voluntary Plans

Wherever the term Spouse is used, it refers to Spouse/Domestic Partner.
Wherever the term Personal Accident Insurance is used, it refers to Accidental Death & Dismemberment